Hi, my name is Erin and the part of my day that I find most rewarding is being able to produce something that brings joy to people. Working with customers and having them walk out the door proud of what I have created for them is  really exciting. As a flower lover it is really hard to name my favourite flower especially  as they change with the seasons, but I would have to say that David  Austin Roses and Peonies bring me a lot of happiness. I find them special because they are so rare, so when you get a big bouquet of them it really is something extraordinary. They are so delicate and short-lived that they deserve to be treasured and fully appreciated while they are at their most beautiful.


My name is Elise and I can’t even begin to choose my favourite flower. It definitely changes between seasons so I would have to say Hydrangea’s and Calla Lilies are my favourite in the warmer weather and Freesia’s and Stock flowers are my favourite in the cold. All of these flowers are so lovely and fine; they have this softness to them. I also love the colour purple and all of these flowers are spectacular in purple. I have so much fun creating pieces for customers that they fall in love with. For them to see the work that goes into creating something so beautiful and being recognised for it is really special. 


My name is Sarah and my favourite flower is the Peony. These flowers exude daintiness. They are so soft and sweet and look fantastic in pink. I think flowers bring so much happiness because they can be exactly what you need. If you need something subtle, or crazy, or fun, or pretty, or exotic, there is a flower to fit your situation and want. My favourite part of my day is working all these wonderfully different flowers into arrangements. To be able to put something together that the customer will appreciate and will find pleasure in is truly rewarding.


Hi, I’m Louise and the thing I love most about my job is unpacking the flowers  that come from the market and working with customers. To see so many crates of exquisite flowers come in the store is really amazing, and the smell is something that would bring a smile to anyone’s face. To be able to see that smile on a customer’s face as they experience the same pleasure with flowers as I do brightens my day. My favourite flower definitely depends on the season; Phalaenopsis Orchids are so beautiful as are Calla Lilies. I think the thing that draws me to these flowers is how unique and delicate they are and the way they smell. Smelling something so pretty is like being transported to another time or place. It is truly something remarkable.  


My name is Sian and my favourite part of my workday is the opportunity to discover new flowers. Every day I can come into contact with the most interesting, colourful, and remarkable flowers and each individual one can bring delight to somebody. I have such a great memory of growing up around Flannel Flowers, their delicate quality is something that I have not forgotten and to this day they are still my favourite flower. I love that flowers have the ability to take someone back to their childhood, or remind them of a loved one, or bring a little colour and sunshine to someone’s day.


My name is Asher-Leigh and I love that I get the opportunity every day to put a smile on someone’s face. For every person that walks in the store, I put all my energy into making something so unique and special for them that it makes their day brighter. If the flowers that I arrange for them are the only things that week that will make them happy then I want to do it with all my heart. It’s such a pleasure to be able to do that for people. My favourite flower is definitely the Sweet Pea. They are so dainty and soft that they offer a sweetness and incredible smell to whoever encounters them. I’m just so lucky that I get to spend so much time with them.